DMARC SaaS Platform

Simple And Effective DMARC Deployment.

DMARC Right – A Channel IT brand

Channel IT proudly presents DMARC Right, its own innovative, unique, cloud based DMARC solution, for securing corporate communications. A tool that utilizes the capabilities of the DMARC protocol and is addressed to every domain name owner. It prevents from phishing attacks and increases visibility and delivery rate of the email traffic.

A complete SaaS solution to help you go the extra mile

DMARC Right is framed by a range of services offered by Channel IT team of engineers, such as consulting process for the right installation and configuration of the protocol and continuous monitoring of the activity with personalized reporting, thus adding value to the product and turning it into a complete SaaS solution.

Empowering your email security and deliverability

DMARC Right is a cloud-based portal that gathers data from all Message Transfer Agents (MTAs), like Microsoft, Google, Amazon etc. It assists organizations to enable SPF, DKIM, and DMARC so that MTAs can block phishing attempts from being delivered to business partners, employees, and customers.